Deliver and Fill: Diesel Service

Long Energy offers on-site fleet diesel fueling allowing companies to save thousands of dollars in labor and increasing their productivity.  We provide  high quality diesel delivery directly to your trucks’ fuel tanks, at your business when your fleet is parked, or to your equipment directly on the long or short-term job-site. The efficiency of our delivery trucks fueling your fleet of trucks or equipment provides a seamless and nearly invisible service. Your trucks and drivers can spend more time on the road, delivering your products, and building your projects, rather than wasting costly time in a line for fuel.

We offer a variety of fuels to support your fleet:

  • On- and off-road premium diesel fuel
  • Quality winter blend diesel fuel enhanced with additives to prevent it from gelling in cold weather conditions like ours
  • All grades gasoline, including premium gasoline
  • Lubricants available (grease, hydraulic fluid, oil, etc.)

Owning a large fleet of vehicles ourselves, Long Energy truly understand what it takes to keep a company in business.  We manage supply, delivery and fueling for a variety of clients each day.   We accept the challenge of delivering on your fueling requirements and welcome the opportunity to provide you with superior diesel delivery services.

Contact Long Energy today to discuss what type of service best fits your company.  We offer will call, automatic, as well as monitored filling options and will work with you to help you decide which best suits the needs of your company.