UNYEAlogoTwo Upstate New York heating oil associations unite to establish the Upstate New York Energy Association (UNYEA)

OHIENY & OFICNY merge at the start of the 2014-2015 winter heating season

CLIFTON PARK, NY – The Oil Heat Institute of Eastern New York (OHIENY) and Oil Fuel Institute of Central New York (OFICNY) have merged to establish a new trade group that shall henceforth be known as the Upstate New York Energy Association (UNYEA).

The merger brings together two heating industry institutes that had existed side-by-side since the 1960s. OHIENY was organized in 1964, following a consolidation of groups in Troy, Albany, Mohawk Valley, and Fulton and Montgomery counties. That association later expanded to include Oilheat dealers in 19 additional counties throughout upstate New York. The Oneida County based OFICNY had been registered as a domestic not- for-profit corporation just two years earlier, in 1962.

While the institutes have always shared the same goals – to promote the advantages of Oilheat to the consumer; to provide education programs to their members; and to support industry-wide standards of service and integrity – they were previously divided by region. With the establishment of the Upstate New York Energy Association, this division has been erased, as numerous energy marketers across the state now join forces to meet the challenges of their industry and the demands of their customers.

Like the Empire State Energy Association (previously the Empire State Petroleum Association), UNYEA will continue to represent energy marketers who store and distribute heating fuels (heating oil, Bioheat(R) fuel, propane), transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel), and industrial fuels and lubricants. UNYEA will also continue to offer all of the benefits enjoyed by OHIENY and OFICNY members, including instructional and training seminars, advertising and promotional materials, meetings and networking opportunities, and a Realty Partnership Program that works to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between upstate New York’s energy marketers and real estate professionals.

For more information on the Upstate New York Energy Association, its mission and upcoming events, visit the organization’s newly launched website: www.unyea.org.