Sean’s Run

Long Energy is proud to sponsor Sean’s Run 2014

Sean’s Run is a wonderful organization that increases awareness about the problems of underage drinking and impaired driving, raises funds to give youth and student organizations to implement year-round programs that combat underage drinking and impaired driving, and raises funds to present scholarships to deserving college-bound seniors.

This year, Sean’s Run had 1,479 registrants in various events including: 5K, Meghan’s Mile, Zumbathon, Sean’s Rides, and Special Needs Kids Run. The Final Count includes: 1,250 registered in 5K or Mile. 174 Bike Ride registrations. 46 in Zumbathon. 9 in Special Needs Kids Run. 24 Teams in the Battle of the Belts. 6 Scholarships Recipients. 14 Grants awarded. 12 agencies with exhibits in Prevention Education Expo. 55 sponsors. 100+ volunteers.

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If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring next year, click here.