Tanksure Program

What Is the TankSure® Program?

“The TankSure process of replacing the tank was smooth and efficient. We are very happy with the program and with the [coverage].”

Coverage for Your Aboveground Oil Tank

The TankSure Program is the fuel oil industry’s standard for evaluating the safety and integrity of above ground oil tanks. The program utilizes a patented ultrasonic testing and review process to help identify when your tank should be replaced before it actually starts leaking. This is important for you and your investment in your home.

How it Works:
The TankSure Program provides a visual inspection and an ultrasonic test to determine the degree to which corrosion has reduced your oil tank’s thickness.
The test is normally conducted during an annual tune-up of the heating system or home inspection.
Qualified tanks may also benefit from a Tank Replacement Payment that helps defer the cost of replacement.
Tank is inspected at time of annual tune-up

1. Putting Safety First:
Your heating service provider knows how important it is to keep your home and family safe.Their investment in the TankSure Program helps determine if your heating oil tank needs an immediate or future replacement in order to protect your family and your property.

Multiple test scores are taken on your oil tank
2. Adding Value:
As part of your heating system tune-up each year, your tank is inspected with a technology similar to a medical ultrasound to gauge the thickness of your tank. Tanks commonly corrode from the inside out, offering no visible way of knowing how thin your tank’s walls may be.

Tank is inspected at time of annual tune-up
3. Protecting Your Equipment:
Your technician will record the lowest ultrasonic reading taken along with related information about your heating equipment to understand its condition. This helps to predict how soon you may need to consider replacing your tank.

Your oil tank’s ultrasonic reading is entered into our database
4. Planning Ahead:
The recorded information about your heating equipment is entered into and stored in a state-of-the-art database to help determine when important safety upgrades may be due.

We monitor oil tank readings annually.
5. Keeping You Informed:
Since your oil tank is monitored and evaluated annually along with other components of your heating system, your heating service provider may take this information specific to your home and notify you of your recommended safety upgrades.

Receive money toward a new oil tank when needed.
6. Saving You Money:
If your heating oil tank qualifies for proactive replacement, you will receive a significant credit (typically between $1,000 and $2,500) toward the replacement performed by your heating service provider or oil company.